Who Am I

Product Manager - UX Designer - fine artist living in the San Francisco Bay area.
Experienced in Agile Methodologies for product development cycle.
Skills include: user research, CRM, user stories and Personas, SCRUM, MVP, and KPI analysis. Wireframing and sketching tools that include: Adobe suite, Photoshop, Adobe Experience Design CC, Sketch, FramerJS, Flinto, and Balsamiq, among others. Proficient in web development technologies such as HTML/CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Mongoose, among others. Fine Art practices reach different mediums that include photography, media arts, creative writing, sculpture and interactive installations. Personal interests reach out to philosophy, social justice, cognitive development and emerging techologies.

What I do?

With a passion for analysis and problem solving, I love engaging in projects that require the full interaction of both sides of my brain. Therefore, my practice reaches both Logic and visual.
Funny fact: IQ results for my personality profile state that I am both 'Visual Mathematician' and 'Story teller' (pretty accurate I'd say).

Featured Projects

PM | UX | Web development

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Contact me

Please don't hesitate to write me a message about anything, I love to have food for thought!
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